We have a full line of Overhead Scragg options to fit your needs.

Overhead Scragg

The Overhead Scragg is what Cooper Machine is best known for. We’ve been producing them for over 50 years. It’s a work horse for making cants, ties, mats and lumber.

We have a full line of Overhead Scragg options to fit your small and large log production needs. When adding Vertical Edgers, it is also a great option for pallet cants and lumber. An Overhead Scragg works great beside a Carriage. This allows you to cut smaller logs.

Benefits of a Cooper Overhead Scragg:

• More versatility on range of products than a Carriage or Sharp Chain Scragg
• Wide range of sizes available for short to long logs
• Heavy duty husk frame uses THK hardened shafts and linear slide bearings for smooth movement to make the beds more uniform and temposonic cylinders with sensors for husk frame autoset and the ability to override.
• Gates polychain belt drive is used to get better use of horsepower
• Wider cant support helps to better support and true up the cant
• A front and rear carriage Igus track is used for hydraulic and electrical delivery on the machines
• Wider slab belts with motor mounted for ease of maintenance
• Three accumulators – two larger ones for better overall machine performance and a smaller one to strictly lift the pivot dog
• Larger dogging cylinder with a heavier rod for less maintenance
• Equipment is backed up by people who care

Choose Your Overhead Scragg Model

Model NumbersDescription Product Recommended:
CMOH-32-60    32” – 60” material    Pallets
CMOH-36-60     36”- 60” material    Pallets
CMOH-36-10    36” – 10’ material     Pallets, Ties
CMCS-06-12     6’-12’    Pallets, Ties
CMCS -07-17    7-17’    Cants, Ties, Mats, Pallets
CMCS -08-12    8-12’    Pallets, Ties
CMCS -08-16    8-16’    Dimension lumber, Cants, Ties, Mats, Pallets depending on quality of log
CMCS -08-20    8-20’   Mat Timbers and Switch Ties

Available Options for the Overhead Scragg

  • Circle Saws 48”
  • Circle Saws 56”
  • Thin Kerf Guided Circle Saws 48”
  • Twin Bands 10” Bands
  • Twin Bands 12” Bands

Upgrade the log turners to the Skewing Log Turners to increase your yield. The log turners skew up to 3” up/down and right/left to create two equal faces on the log to increase your yield on marginal logs and reduce the amount of boards that will need to be edged.

We have improved the design of the Vertical Edgers and they have a splined arbor with a poly chain belt drive, one single saw collar and one double collar set at 3 ½” with air shift from 3 ½” to 5 1/2”.  For making one 3 ½” slab, two 3 ½” slabs or one 5 ½” slab. Two electric cylinders move the edgers to the center of each log.

  • Vertical Edgers with Two Saws
  • Vertical Edgers with Three Saws
Comes as a complete unit with arbor shafts and bearings, motors, THK Linear slides and an electric servo cylinder Download the Cortex Solid Conical Head brochure

Cab Standard sizes are 6 x 6, 6 x8, or 8×8 but custom sizes are available. These do come with heavy duty flooring, insulation, electrical/lights and an air conditioner/heater

  • Up/Down Outfeed Belts – have the Slab Beds movable so slabs drop out to go to a chipper while the cant goes to an outfeed rollcase
  • Fixed Outfeed Belts – Slab Belts are fixed down to drop slabs and strips onto a slat table for a  person to separate
  • Controls by Automation & Electronics using Allen Bradley Components or Industrial Concepts using ABB.
  • Available with 2D scanning or Optimization to get the best yield out of each log
  • Kinetix MCC panel can be provided as an option

Add a Splitter with circle saws behind the Overhead to split four sided cants into up to 3 – 3 ½” or a multiple of 3 ½ and 5 ½ pieces – great option for pallet mills

After fixed down slab belts, you can add a Slat Table to separate the strips and slabs for further processing. This is a great option for pallet mills.

Cooper Machine makes a Slab Recovery System that includes a Trimmer and VSA. Slabs come off the Scragg, and then go through a hands free pallet trimmer to trim the slabs and then into a VSA (Vertical Saw Arbor) which cuts the slabs into up to 7 individual boards (based on the height of boards). It is optimized to get great pallet lumber with a hogging head on top to hog off the top strip to minimize downtime. This is a great system with minimal labor (just one person to run it) and processes up to 40 slabs per minute!

See the Overhead Scraggs in Action

The Overhead Scragg, a true testament to our commitment to excellence, has transformed the way sawmills operate, optimizing efficiency and precision in log processing. Renowned for its durability and cutting-edge technology, the Overhead Scragg effortlessly handles logs of varying sizes, providing consistent, high-quality results.

See it in Action!!


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