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Cooper Machine Company, a long-established manufacturer of quality sawmill equipment located in Wadley, Georgia, announces that it is partnering with the sawmill machine manufacturer EWD Sagetechnik, of Altötting, Germany, as of February 2023.

We at Cooper Machine have been offering our customers located in the US, Canada, and other countries, wood processing equipment for sawmill, pallet, and post and pole mills since 1965. This equipment has set new standards in the industry for quality, efficiency, and productivity. All Cooper Machine equipment is built with our customers in mind to minimize labor and to get the most out of each log. Our company, now in its third generation of successful management, covers all services from technical development, to commissioning, to sawmill staff training on our machines. Cooper Machine’s focus is always on customer success.

Since 1862, the premier European innovative company EWD, with 250 employees in Germany, is one of the world’s leading companies in sawmill plant construction. Quality awareness, reliability, and customer orientation are among the most important values of the company and represent an extremely positive success factor.

The partnership with EWD Sagetechnik, allows Cooper Machine to expand its portfolio and take advantage of the opportunity to offer an expanded range of sawmill equipment to further serve our customers’ needs.

“In the future, with labor getting more expensive and harder to find, we want to offer our customers fully automated sawmills. With the same shared beliefs, we believe we have found the ideal partner in EWD Sagetechnik” explains Frances Cooper, CEO of Cooper Machine.

Working with EWD will offer many advantages for Cooper Machine customers since we will be able to offer their wide array of well-designed, German engineered sawmill equipment, along with service and parts located here in the US. Cooper Machine has committed to providing successful customer service on all EWD equipment it sells and will stock the parts needed to back the service. We at Cooper Machine are excited to be able to offer this new world of opportunities to our North American customers.

The primary objective of both companies is to offer customers the best and most efficient sawmill solutions to promote long-term customer loyalty. This can only be achieved with trust, good teamwork, and positive results for our customers.

For information on both Cooper Machine and EWD offerings, please give Cooper Machine a call at 478-252-5885.

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