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TIPS and TIDBITS: Setting Leads in Husk Frame Saws

Setting leads in the circular saws is important help prevent saws from pinching and help them to run true. The lead in the saw should be checked quarterly.

The procedure goes as followed:

  1. Set saws to a set point of 10” or less.
  2. Lock and tag out the Saw blades!!! Leave hydraulics running unless the saw has electric servo cylinders.
  3. Install string holders
  4. Pull string from one string holder to the other using the filed marks on the holder
  5. Let’s say the set point you picked is 8”.  At the front of the husk frame, from the side of the saw tooth closest to the string, you should have 4” to the center of the string. From blade tooth to blade tooth, you should have 8”. If not, now is the time to adjust using the pusher bolts on the outside bearings on the mandrel.
  6. Mark the blades with a marker at the location you measured from and rotate the blades to the back end of the husk frame.
  7. Measure the same points you did on the front end. On one side the measurement should be 4 3/32“ to the center of the string. Across from blade tooth to blade tooth should be 8 3/16”. If not, adjust accordingly.

* Side Note* Sometimes while putting the leads in the saw, when you use the pusher bolts to move the bearing to set the lead, you may have to bump the mandrel in or out to hold the 4” or whatever number you are using.      

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