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TIPS and TIDBITS: Keeping Your Equipment Running: Grease

Grease is the lifeline of machines. It is vital that the product owner takes time to handle this matter. This is one of those things that helps to make our equipment last.

With today’s tools such as a cordless grease gun, the time it takes to spend on greasing bearings has drastically changed for the better. Just a couple of shots in the bearings most of the time is sufficient. If a bearing is in a rough environment, you might want to shoot more grease in to flush out saw dust that will find its way into a bearing. Keep in mind there are a variety of grease. Some bearings may require lithium grease which can be costly, but not as much as a bearing if it goes out.

Many times, machines will have just metal on metal, this needs to be greased, but you may get by with all-purpose grease. The fact of the matter is: spending a little time once a day or several times a week will save production from having the down time of a costly repair that could have been prevented with a maintenance schedule for greasing.

If you have questions on the type or amount of grease needed, give us a call and we will be happy to help.



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