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Slat Table Maintenance

These Slat Tables are easy to maintain and last a long time. A slat table consists of a base frame, sprockets, shafts, bearings, motor, gear reducer, slats, chain, UHMW wear strips, and hardware.  But there’s some tricks of the trade to make them work as well as they do.

A few maintenance tips:

  • If the bearings are sealed, there will not be a need to grease them. However, if they do have grease fittings be sure to keep a grease schedule. This will ensure that the bearings will not run dry and hold up longer.
  • Periodically check the oil level in the Gear Reducer.
  • The UHMW Wear Strips may become worn and could lead to excessive drag on the motor. Be sure to periodically check the wear on the strips.
  • Over time, the Sprockets will wear and may have to be replaced.
  • Also, over time, the Chain will stretch and become loose and may have to be adjusted or replaced.
  • The slat Bolts can work themselves loose. It is important to periodically check to be sure they are tight. If the Nut falls off it could damage the machine.
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