Tandem Scragg Saw with Inline Chop Saw

Cooper Tandem Scragg is great for smaller diameter logs when you want production without a lot of employees. The Tandem Scragg is comprised of two saws, 48 inch Saw 1 and 36 inch Saw 2 (custom configurations available). Thinnest material/thickest material saw 1 can cut is 3” – 12”. Ultrasonic sensors for diameter reading of logs for first saw autoset with manual operator override, auto band saw set to make four sided cants. Comes with a Generation 3 Precision Chain Feed using 140 roller chain and hardened t-rail track, 20hp variable speed electric chain drive with VFD climate controlled cab, and four camera color monitoring system. Saw 2 has a minimum 3” saw set. Saw two comes with two 75hp motors and polychain belt drives, 2” induction hardened chrome shafts and linear slide bearings, and temposonic cylinders with sensors and helper cylinders for husk frame autoset (and manual override). The outfeed consists of 6" cant/slab separation wings behind saw, four sets of spring loaded hold-on wings and an 8” H-beam common frame. This machine can come in a system and include an inline infeed with chop saw, slat tables and an Outfeed Rollcase. For more information or to design the system to fit your needs, give us a call.