Cooper Machine Company Services

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Parts Sales & Service: Daniel Harris (478) 206-8011(C) or (478) 252-5885 or Email Daniel

Parts Sales & Service: Earon Davis (478) 252-5885 or Email Earon

Equipment Sales: Frances Cooper (770) 540-5735 or Marshell Norris (478) 206-9951 or Email Sales

Computer Support: Paul Romanyszyn (803) 429-1251 or Email Paul

PLC Support: Automation & Electronics USA (704) 200-2350

Project Coordinator: Charles Cochran (478) 206-2670 or Email Charles

Cooper Machine was founded in 1965 by H.M. "Billy" and his wife, Mary Brown Cooper, in the small southeast Georgia town of Wadley. The company began as a general machine and fabrication shop, involved in mostly mill repair and renovations, but evolved into other areas, including custom fabrication work for sawmills, manufacturing lift trucks and log and lowboy trailers, and also became a dealer for skidders and loaders. Then, while he was in the middle of a mill renovation and repair project, Billy conceived the idea for what has come to be known throughout the industry as theOverhead End Dogging Scragg.

Billy passed away in 1995, but his two sons, Bill and Robert, continued the legacy of designing and producing sawmills that set new standards in quality, efficiency and productivity within the industry. In 2008, Bill Cooper retired, leaving Robert to continue producing the long-lasting, high quality sawmill equipment that Cooper Machine is known for.

But it takes more than just a quality product to be successful. All machinery manufactured by Cooper Machine has the support of the experienced technical department of Cooper Machine. With combined experience of over 50 years, Cooper Machine’s technical department ensures that the machines are properly installed and provides in depth training for sawmill personnel in the areas of maintenance and proper operation. They also are available to provide technical support and advice on machinery upgrades and modifications.