Twin Band Skewing Overhead with Chipping Heads

We took our high production Skewing Overhead and MIT 10 inch Band Saw and added Key Knife Chipping Heads and made a masterpiece. This machine can cut hardwoods or softwoods from 5" up to 28" in diameter. Multiple length options are available. This machine has our skewing center system with independent log positioners, ultrasonic sensors for diameter readings of the logs for autoset with manual override (or 3D scanning available), and skewing log turners. There are two wide cant supports (one before and one after the chipping heads). Six head key knife chipping heads with 150hp drive motors and a polychain belt drive. A MIT Twin Band (or customer preference) with 63 inch diameter wheels and 10 inch bands were used on this machine but different size bands and wheels are available. Outfeed consists of 8 inch center beam cant guide with two 22 inch wide belt conveyors. Comes with hydraulics, power unit, a 8 x 8 foot cab, four camera color monitoring system, computer and graphic display.