MIT True Lumber

You now have another option when you're looking for a Stationary Carriage with a Movable Headrig. This machine has the ability to single or double cut. Available with bands from 4-10". Standard length from 8-16' and up to 36" diameter but models for other log lengths and diameters are available up to 40' long and 44" wide. The 6" True Lumber has a 55" movable headrig, 6" single or double cut bands, three knees and 17.5 degree slant carriage. Comes with an infeed deck, Brownsville style turner, operators cab, board conveyor, sawdust conveyor, carriage drive, Variable Frequency Drives for motor, winch, log rotator and brake, and setworks (Lewis Controls or any other PLC can be used). This is a great machine for thin kerf mills looking for more production, Scragg and tie mills looking to capitalize on lucrative grade markets, resaw capability in a fraction of the space and any mill looking for a higher profit in a smaller space. A 6" True Lumber will be assembled, tested and in stock beginning 2nd quarter 2016 at Cooper Machine.

  • Modular unit for lower initial costs
  • Less costly installation
  • Reasonable delivery times
  • Thin Kerf for maximum yield
  • For logs up to 40' long
  • Bands from 4-10"
  • Comes with Infeed Deck, Nashville Style Turner, Operators Cab, VFD's for electrical components
  • Cooper Ultrasonic Measuring Setworks for Mudata Setworks available