MDI Nolco Fiberglass Section

Cooper Machine also sells MDI Nolco Fiberglass Sections: Pound per pound, fiberglass has a tensile strength even greater than that of steel. This combined with our hand-laminated process using layers of woven roving and polyester resin provides a higher density monolithic section, which has a greater tensile strength and abrasion resistance than sections manufactured with a chopper gun using fiberglass strand. NOLCO Features: All NOLCO fiberglass conveyor sections are custom fabricated to your exact specifications. “Undeniably built better & stronger than any other fiberglass section you can buy.” NOLCO has built its reputation on workmanship, quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction. No section is too unusual or too big for NOLCO. When others say it can’t be done... we do it.