Precision Sharp Chain (Available with Circle Saws or MIT Twin Bands)

Cooper Machine also offers a high quality Precision Sharp Chain that comes with a 140 roller chain t-bar rail sharp chain system for faster production. This system is also available with Cooper Machine's Generation 4 chain with larger drags or Viking Chain.It has a thumper to drive the log down on the chain. This machine is available with either circle saws (see 1st video) or MIT band saws (see 2nd video). The Precision Sharp Chain Scragg is also available with vertical edgers to edge slabs on the Sharp Chain. Or add chipping heads (either Key Knife or Cortex) to chip the slabs on the Scragg. Works great in conjunction with a slab recovery system to recover the slabs. This machine is available with either ABB or Allen Bradley PLC. Starters and VFDs can be quoted as well. All of this equipment is manufactured from heavy duty steel and parts to create a long lasting machine with low maintenance costs.

  • Infeed scanners automatically set the log turner height and saw setworks
  • Double hold-downs keep the material centered on the chain
  • Variable speeds allow for different wood species