Incomac IDV Kiln

Incomac is now offering the IDV kiln. This kiln eliminates the need for boilers, furnaces, electrical coils, heat exchangers or heat pumps. Running only on electricity, this is a great option if you need more capacity and have run out of boiler capacity. Call for more information! Kiln models: IDV-20 8,500bf 15'4" x 12'2" x 12'5" IDV-40 15,000bf 21'3" x 18'1" x 12'5" IDV-50 20,000bf 25'2" x 18'1" x 12'5" IDV-60 25,000bf 27'2" x 24'0" x 12'5" IDV-80 34,000bf 35'0" x 24'0" x 12'5" 34,000bf is the largest IDV kiln model available.

  • No need for additional heat source. Uses only electricity.