2013 MIT S.A. 1500 Vertical Band Mills (Wide)

Make: MIT S.A.
Model:1500 Vertical
Location:Wadley, GA

This right hand machine comes with 5’ solid steel wheels, reinforced steel, pressure guides, extra-long and high line bar, double parallel hydraulic arms, variable speed hydraulic, live roller table, Mudata Model POS 301 computer system, electric motor for complete change of saw, 100hp electric motors 440v 50/60htz and comes complete with electric panels including starters for all the motors. Shipping FCA Cooper Machine There’s also a cant turner that comes with 19’8” infeed system with a rotation system to preposition the heavy cants before they enter the machine. It would take about a month to get this equipment here to our facility. This machine is built heavy and is made of quality parts. For 8" or 10" bands Also available with a runaround system. Give us a call for more information.

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